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My name is Georgy, and I'm renting out my apartment in Shenzhen.

Меня зовут Георгий, и я сдаю свою квартиру в Шеньчженe.


The apartment located at Longhua metro station (Longhua district).

Квартира находится на станции метро Лунхуа (район Лунхуа).

公寓在龙华地铁站 (龙华区)。

Longhua metro station

The apartment is relatively small, but it has everything a bachelor or couple needs. It is located in a community with a plethora of cafes, convenience and drug stores, barbershops and etc.

Квартира довольно таки маленькая, но в ней есть всё необходимое для холостяка или пары. Она находится в комьюнити (общине) с предостаточным количеством кафе, круглосуточных магазинов, аптек, парикмахерских и т.д.


Long story short.

Что ж', давайте к сути (английский язык).

总之一句话 (寥寥数语)(英文)。

💴 Apartment price: 1500¥
🚰 Communal fees: 200¥ (management) + 70-300¥ (electricity, water, and hot water)
📶 Free pretty fast WiFi
🎁 Bonuses (1200¥ cost!)

• Main information
🗺 Location: PRC, Guangdong, Shenzhen, Longhua district
Ⓜ️ Closest MTR: Longhua
🚇 Distance to MTR: Longhua (5-15 mins) / Shenzhen North (15-30 mins)
📍 Nearby locations: dozens of small and medium-size and popularity shops, cafes and takeaways, international fast food and coffee shops (McDonald's, KFC, Starbucks, etc), hypermarket (Sam's Club), supermarket (SF Express), huge mall w/ famous restaurants (Haidilao, Running Man's Korean BBQ, etc), brand stores , shooting range (archery and water gel ball bullet rifles) and decent cinema with fancy sci-fi design
🏠 Apartment size: small, but a quite spacious one-room apartment
🛋 What's inside: furnished apartment with bedroom/living room, kitchen, and bathroom (also you have access to the roof, so you can soak and dry your things or even practice your barbecue skills there). Coziness and non-tasteless design included.

• Extra information
📶 Free WiFi
🛂 24/7 administrators
🔼 Access to the roof
🏬 Loft-like hall
🥤 Vending machine
❄️ Public fridge
🏋️♂️ Gym
🎁 Time-limited bonuses

view on clouds from the roof
Georgy Alaverdyan

Georgy Alaverdyan

Creator of this website and geor.gy

Hello, guys!

I think the information above is enough to understand the offer, so I won't tell you that you'll live in a beautiful three bedrooms apartment with huge windows. Well, here I have an astonishing (common) view on rich Shenzhen Suburbans' life, but that's it. JK. My apartment is really cozy and has quite an interesting design. I will find a person who wishes to sublease the apartment for 3-4 months in case if I cannot find people who wish to rent this apartment on a long term basis. I wanna mention that this apartment will satisfy most couples, but only in case if you are okay with your personal space and have no conflicts based on this topic. My friends lived in a similar apartment and it was great for them.

BTW, all photos were taken by me, so I get all the credits haha.

Thank you for your attention. Please, contact me if you want to rent my apartment.

Спасибо за внимание. Пожалуйста, свяжитесь со мной если вы хотите снять мою квартиру.


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